Apple Tells Mountaineering Story In New “Your Verse” iPad Feature

Just over a month ago, Apple posted a new marketing campaign called “Your Verse” that focused on cool and exciting ways people around the world use iPad. The campaign also launched with an extensive feature on Apple’s website revealing how marine biologist Dr. Michael Berumen uses the tablet in his line of work.

Today, Apple has added a new detailed feature, this time on mountaineers Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger. The feature is complete with interactive graphics and images, and the page is designed with Apple touches that make it a pretty entertaining read.

At each stage of the climb, Ballinger and Harrington reduce the gear in their packs. So as the climb becomes more difficult, they’re carrying only the most essential tools. And because it’s a crucial part of how they navigate the mountain safely, the iPad makes it all the way to the top.

Only the highlighted objects below make it to the very top.

Only the highlighted objects make it to the very top.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about mountain climbing and which apps on the iPad help with the extreme activity, check out the page here.

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