Apple Uploads Product Videos From Its iPhone 5S Reveal

While Apple (for some reason) chose not to stream its iPhone announcement event yesterday, the company has now made it possible to watch the videos it showed off during the show.

If you’re in the mood to see Jony Ive get heartfelt and emotional about the new iPhone 5C, and if you want to see a closer look at how the 5C is made, watch this video here.

If you’re a photographer, or just want to hear about all the crazy tech going into the iPhone 5S’s camera, this video delves into two and a half minutes of detail on everything about the new camera and what has changed.

If perhaps you’re not convinced of the usefulness of a fingerprint sensor, this video will try to sway your opinion.

If those videos left you salivating a little, don’t worry, there’s only nine days left until the 20th.

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