Apple Updates iTunes Festival On Apple TV And iOS So You Can Watch From Home

Since you’re probably not going to be able to actually go to Apple’s “iTunes Festival”, the folks at Apple want to make sure that you can still follow everything that happens. This is why Apple has released a new iTunes Festival channel on Apple TV as well as a new update for its iTunes Festival iOS app.

While the iTunes Festival is incredibly difficult to get into, seeing as tickets cannot be bought but only won, Apple makes it easy to watch performances and follow along at home. The festival has different performers play at The Roundhouse in London every day for the month of September, with confirmed acts including the likes of Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar. Each of these nightly performances can be live streamed from either the Apple TV or iOS apps for free.

Currently, the app allows you to scroll through the line-up and read in-depth on each attending act. Performance videos will be uploaded to the app in September as they start taking place.

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