Apple TV updated, finally adds Vimeo support and purchased TV show streaming

apple tv updateApple has just released an update to Apple TV, which you can access now! This update adds support for the online streaming service Vimeo as well as the ability to stream your purchased TV shows, essentially creating a cloud based storage solution for your purchases, though it’s restricted to TV shows only at this time. Hopefully movies are to follow.

Apple TV users have long since asked for Vimeo support, which has a more professional platform than YouTube and is focused on providing these tools to video pros. With that little tidbit out of the way, let’s move onto the BIG news. Apple has enabled streaming of purchased — not rented — TV Shows!

This is a big deal for Apple TV and iOS devices

Apple could be paving the way to allow streaming of all of your purchased content from the cloud, confirming long standing rumors of such service.

Launching with the less popular TV show base would allow Apple to study demographics and performance issues before rolling out the same service for movies in the unannounced future. Using the Apple TV also gets a smaller sampling as the audience is significantly less than that of other iOS devices.

Of course, this may never come to fruition, and it could all be wishful thinking, but it would seem to be a perfect fit.

Also included in this update is the ability to purchase more TV shows on your Apple TV, not simply stream previous purchases, using your iTunes account. We are hearing reports, however, that this update may be U.S. only, and are awaiting confirmation.

Along with this update, Apple has also listed “TV Shows” in the purchased section of iTunes on iOS and on the Mac, allowing users to download purchased TV Shows similar to how app and music re-downloads were enabled with the announcement of iCloud.

Pardon my excitement with this post, but this could be a HUGE step into cloud storage based streaming for Apple fans and I hope they continue on this path.


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