Apple TV teardown from iFixit might tell us something about the iPad 2 logic board

iFixit is up to their usual antics, ripping apart the Apple TV before most of us have even gotten our hands on one yet. Man, it sucks being Canadian. It seems like Apple forgets to ship these things to our local Apple Stores at the same time as the rest of the world.

What’s the big findings from the teardown? The Apple TV is a lot like the innards of an iPad, which is pretty curious. The Apple TV has an A4 Processor, 8GB of NAND Flash storage, a possible spot for a second NAND chip, a Broadcom WIFI chip, all on a Panasonic board. Pretty straight forward, except for this curious little tidbit. It looks like there’s a place for a dock connector on the board. This thing is a dock connector away from being a full-fledged computer for $99.00. I’d bet that the homebrew crowds are going to love hacking this puppy.

So what’s the iPad 2 relationship? Well, there’s a lot of similarities between the iPad’s innards and the Apple TV’s innards according to iFixit. The teardown crew even thinks that this may very well be the logical board of future iPads. Another interesting point is that the Apple TV has 8GB of storage, presumably for buffering your streaming content, but could it also be a tell that Apple plans on bringing apps to the Apple TV?

Article via iFixIt

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