That Apple TV you just got, you can restore it in iTunes

Things just keep getting weirder by the minute. The new Apple TV can be connected to iTunes via a mini USB cable, and then restored to the factory settings. We don’t even know what that means for the device. How bizarre.

So, jailbreakers are probably rejoicing right this second because they’ll be able to restore their devices once the Apple TV gets an official jailbreak, whenever that may be.

There’s way too many arrows pointing towards apps on the Apple TV for us to not comment on it, so here we go. iTunes support and 8GB of storage, in addition to AirPlay make the Apple TV pretty lucrative, and it’s already primed for apps. While we currently are not able to put media onto the device in any way, it certainly wouldn’t take much work for Apple to include application support. There was a rumour a while back that suggested that over the air syncing was coming to the iPhone and iPad, so if we were to add Apple TV to that discussion it could be the game changer we all thought the Apple TV was going to be.

Apps remain a software update away, or a jailbreak, whichever comes first.

Article and Image via Cult of Mac

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