Apple TV Manuals; Apple TV OS running on an iPod Touch

Apple TV

A bunch of bitesized nuggets about the Apple TV trickled through the echo-chamber today, and instead of bombarding you with a series of one sentence posts, we thought it would make more sense to compile them and release them all at once.

So here you go.

Lowtide: Apple TV OS cracked to run on an iPod Touch

Apple’s iOS 4.1 for Apple TV got beat down by the Dev-Team and SHAtter’d in a couple of hours, leaving behind the complete Apple TV iOS framework. What did they find? Well, a nice little application called Lowtide, and it just happens to be the main app that runs on your Apple TV.

Once it was revealed that the app existed, it didn’t take all that long for someone else to try and port it to another iOS device. DLHowett managed to get it onto his iPod Touch, and he created a YouTube video for the rest of us to marvel at.

What amazes us more than anything is just how compatible all the iOS devices are with one another. I wouldn’t doubt if a software update, down the road, brought apps to our televisions.

Get the Apple TV Manual

If you’ve unboxed your lovely new Apple TV, or you’re just as curious as we are about what’s included in the Apple TV, Apple Inc has released a manual and setup guide online. You can get it here: Apple TV Guide (pdf).

Apple TV Firmware reveals DVD and FaceTime support

For those less technically savvy, iOS is a derivative of OS X (Apple’s desktop operating system), and every single iOS based device runs similar code bases. So, the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV are all running of a similar framework, making them all siblings, kind of. So it shouldn’t really be a surprise that the operating systems have similar hooks to their siblings, and now it’s official: Apple TV has support for both FaceTime and DVD playback.

How’s that for opening up a can of worms? TVs with FaceTime could be pretty huge moving forward, but the DVD support is something we could care less about. We’re beyond the need to own physical movie discs these days, and I personally can’t wait to get rid of my DVD collection. It eats up way too much shelf space.

Article via 9 to 5 Mac and TUAW and OS X Daily

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