What if Apple turned their support forum into an official blog?

Apple might be putting us out of business. No, seriously, a big part of our website is providing useful tutorials and tips for people who haven’t been able to figure out problems, and decide to subsequently email us looking for answers. Apple’s going to be doing away with their Apple Discussions forum, and instead they’ll be offering interested parties the ability to surf their way to communities surrounding products.

They’re being cryptic, and only alluding to the continued use of a support forum, but the continued use of the term “content” has me wondering if we’re going to be seeing more from Apple. They already do tutorial videos, company profiles, tips, and app recommendations, but the content is so spread out and hard to find that it borders on insane. Packaging all this content into a neat little package, and presenting it in a social way could mean a huge shift at Apple is underway.

No one really knows what’s coming from Apple, but given their catalog, backlog of content, and immense support forum, it wouldn’t be hard for them to put together the Official Apple Weblog. We’d welcome it.

It probably won’t happen, but we can except some drastic changes. What do you think? Would an Official Apple Weblog be something you’d be interested in?

Source Apple Support Forums

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