Apple Time Capsules and AirPort Express supplies running low


We must be heading towards a major announcement soon, because a lot of Apple products are rumored to be facing supply constraints. First it was the MacBook Air, and now it’s the Time Capsules and AirPort Express lineups.

According to TUAW, Electronista, and MacRumors, Apple may be preparing to update their router / external hard drive device as well as the express Wi-Fi network device. It’s pretty uncommon that both devices would face the same time kind of constraint at the exact same time. Electonista has publicly speculated that the refresh could coincide with the Lion and iCloud announcements. They’ve also mentioned that there may be a tie-in for Apple’s Airdrop technology in Lion. The devices could play a roll in iOS 5 and a potential over-the-air syncing technology.

A lot of people bemoan Time Capsules and AirPort Express as being cost-prohibitive. But, I have to say, my Time Capsule has been absolutely flawless to this point. For a consumer level router / back up solution, the Time Capsule is second to none.

What do you think? Is a  refresh imminent? Can we expect new features with the Time Capsule and AirPort express to further extend Apple’s rumored iCloud into the home? Let us know in the comments.

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