Apple thinking about gaming on the Apple TV

If you have an iPad, you’d probably agree with me when I say that there have been plenty of times where I’ve wished that I could AirPlay an application or a game to the Apple TV.

We know that the current process lacks the power to AirPlay games to the television. We talked with Dave Frampton, developer of the popular Chopper 2, back in November, and he pointed out that bandwidth and compression rates required to pull off an AirPlay based game stream to the Apple TV just wasn’t possible yet.

But that doesn’t mean that Apple isn’t thinking about bringing apps to the Apple TV in some capacity. Apple’s a gaming company, whether they like it or not, and the Apple TV is the perfect delivery mechanism. Engadget has found references to gaming on the Apple TV in the latest iOS 4.3 beta. We’re not really surprised by their findings—games on the Apple TV are inevitable. It’s Engadget’s opinion that the Apple TV could be used to stream games much like the OnLive service that’s piqued our interest.

We’re not sure how this would work, but it’s a great idea. Imagine being able to lug your Apple TV on the road with you, and still be able to access your games from anywhere with an internet connection? It sure would put that new Apple datacenter in North Carolina to the test.

Article Via Engadget
Photo Credit: Rob Bouden

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