Apple Stores Will Open At 8 AM November 1st For iPad Air Launch

If you were planning to pickup an iPad Air next Friday when it launches, you might have time to swing by an Apple Store before work to make it happen. Apple has announced that all of its retail stores will be opening at 8 AM on November 1st, an hour earlier than the traditional 9 AM opening time.

If you want to get the iPad Air on launch day, the Apple Store is pretty much your only option. While Apple used to accept online pre-orders to have devices shipped to your house on launch day, you’ll likely have to wait until midnight Pacific time the night of Halloween to order the Air online. Not to mention you’ll need to wait at least a week or so after that for it to be shipped.

If you’re after the new Retina iPad mini, you probably shouldn’t show up to the Apple Store at all on November 1st. That device won’t be launching until sometime later in November.

Bonus points if you show up to the launch still in your costume from the night before.

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