Apple spends big on Google Adwords in 2011

Google’s 2011 revenues not only reveals that Google made 96 percent of all of its money from Google Adwords (the total is $37.9 billion, of which $36.38 billon came from advertising), but it also sheds some light on which companies are spending large on Google’s Adwords platform. Apple Inc. spent $17.9 million dollars on Google Adwords in 2011. Not the biggest spender, but Apple does come in fourth place in the Computers & Consumer Electronics category, behind HP ($33.3 million), Dell ($26.3 million), and Best Buy ($23.7 million).

The top two spenders on the list? Amazon at a whopping $55.2 million, and Lowe’s (yeah, the hardware store) at $59.1 million. There’s a nice infographic put together on the WordStream website. We recommend heading over there and checking it out in its entirety.

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