Back to the Mac: iMovie 11

Randy Ubillos presented the new iMovie enhancements added to the iLife ’11 package. Some of the main features include showing audio waveforms, which you can adjust with fades and boost. You can also select a segment of audio and adjust that portion of it, as with the larger, more expensive film editing programs. ‘One step effects’ is also a new feature that they are showing. This is a really easy way to get the video edited with only a few clicks. There are a number of effects that you can select and apply to a clip. Once the clip is selected you can try several of these effects and you will get a preview of the video with the effect, which you can then select if you like it.  Just a single click implements it all.

There is also movie trailers, which is a suite of 15 trailers with a preview that you can add to your movie. You can add a studio logo and cast names as well as credits. It will use details you put it or pull from your address book to build a trailer for you.

The sound to acompany these trailers is recorded by a full orchestra, which is an amazing feature to add. They also have video recognition of people so it can tell how many people are in the video for example. From watching what Randy put together in a matter of minutes, it is pretty amazing. Again a nice piece of software for the casual user and it will enable them to create dramatic looking movies within a short space of time. The music and text effects are really great considering that it is included as part of the iLife suite.

Also you can export it for a variety of video services including Vimeo, YouTube and many others.

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