Apple site goes down, then up, but still no white unicorns

The best rumor of the day so far has been that the white iPhone was going to make an appearance on the Apple Store today when the online store went down. It went down, and then it came back up, and there was no white unicorn, just an HTML5 website. We laughed, and then we laughed some more. We’re not sure where the rumor started, but it certainly dominated our Twitter stream and tip line for a couple of hours today.

While the unicorn is still missing in action, Apple has just relaunched their website. As of today their website is entirely based on HTML5 technologies. It’s a little overdue, considering the holy war that Apple’s fighting with Flash, but I guess it’s better late than never. The new website has a couple of animations, and a new look header that is no longer a subtle grey. Instead the header is a dark and ominous grey. Edgy.

I wonder if that’s a bit of a tell about the psyche in Cupertino these days. We’d be pretty pissed too if every time we made a change people were looking for a white iPhone that no one’s going to buy anyway.

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