Apple sets sights on bringing movies to the cloud

Apple is slowly transitioning us to live in the cloud. With the launch of iCloud, we now have our music library, contacts, and bookmarks among other things readily available from anywhere that has an Internet connection. It appears though, that Apple isn’t satisfied and may now be looking to include Movies in iCloud.

Apple is purportedly meeting with studios to finalize a deal that will allow users to purchase their movies from iTunes and stream them from any computer or iDevice directly from iCloud. A move like this would align Apple as a more direct competitor to other on-demand service such as Netflix and Redbox Rentals.

The decision to serve purchased movies from iCloud is likely in hopes of boosting movie sales.  The storage and management of digital media can get quite cumbersome. Centralizing the distribution takes that load off of the consumers’ shoulders, making for a more delightful experience all around.

Rumors peg a release by early 2012, and the technology is already deeply rooted with everything else Apple is doing with iCloud. It’s looking like pretty soon we will be doing everything in the cloud and our computers will be mere thin clients to connect us to our content.

Source: LATimes
Image Credit: Stephen Sauer 

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