Apple rolling out new configuration and retail systems this weekend


Apple is rolling out new configuration options in its iOS Apple Store app this weekend. This coincides with a series of additional upgrades the company is deploying across both its online and brick and mortar stores.

This new version of the Apple Store app is said to support the complete range of custom configuration options available on when ordering Macs. Apple had previously considered the possibility of building a mobile version of its website to facilitate ordering Macs from iPhones and iPod touches, but Steve Jobs decided that the creation of a dedicated iOS app would afford a superior user experience. This new app enables you to order any combination of processor, RAM, storage, software, input devices and displays that Apple has to offer from anywhere, at any time.

Employees of Apple Stores everywhere are said to be receiving new iPads this weekend, loaded with new apps designed to be used on the sales floor and for checkout. The iPads also come with several gigabytes worth of training materials designed to educate the employees in the company’s updated configuration options and sale procedures. The iPads also reportedly come with a suite of custom apps designed to help Apple employees track and visualize sales performance and perform support activities.

Apple’s goal with all of these upgrades is to make it easier and faster than ever before for customers to select and purchase new Macs in stores, online, and from its mobile devices.

Article Via MacRumors
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