Apple Reminds Former MobileMe Customers Its Taking Back Its 20GB iCloud Gift

If you were a MobileMe customer before iCloud came along, you likely remember Apple gifted you an extra 20GB of free iCloud storage when the service was first launched, giving you a cozy 25GBs compared to the standard user’s 5GB. Now, however, Apple is reminding these users that their party has come to an end, and that they want their storage back.

The extra 20GB offer is only valid until September 30th, so any user that has grown accustomed to taking advantage of all the extra space will now have to shell out $40 a year to retrieve his fleeing 20GB. If you’re using more than 5GB of storage after September 30th, your iCloud will cease to work until you either delete some things or pay to upgrade your account.

While for most users 5GB will be plenty, for others, expect to pay up $40 on October 1st.

Again, if you’re over 5GB and you don’t make an effort to clean your stuff out in time, Apple WILL delete your shit for you.

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