Apple releases Aperture 3 complete with 200 updates.

When everyone was looking for new Macbook Pros, Apple decided to slip in an Aperture update. Those sneaky people at Apple managed to trick us all. It’s nice having a little surprise like that. The rumour mill is so ramped up these days that it’s hard to sneak anything by us. I’m not a photographer, so I can’t really speak to the innovation in this bundle, but Apple does claim that there’s over 200 new features and tweaks, and some of them seem pretty substantial. They now let you manage video, audio, and photos from the application, and you can now create sideshows with video and stills side by side.

The release couldn’t have come soon enough for some photographers. I know a couple who were starting to get a little ancy and paranoid that Apple could possibly axe the photography application all together. Some even went so far as moving their entire photo catalog to Adobe’s Lightroom.

We’re gonna take the trial for a test drive, and let you know our thoughts once we’ve collected them.

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