Apple readying 10.7.2, releases new seeds to developers

It’s coming, and hopefully it fixes a lot of those nagging Lion bugs we’ve been hearing about these days. Apple has just released a new 10.7.2 beta seed to developers. The seed, listed as 11C62, weighs in at a hefty 790MB, which is a huge update when compared to the 79.29 MB worth of updates that shipped in 10.7.1.

Many suspect that the new 10.7.2 will not only bring with it the patches that Lion currently needs, but also tighter iCloud integration. We’re not installing beta software anymore, but from what we’ve heard, there are a lot of fixes being taken care of in 10.7.2.

Hopefully we see it sooner than iOS 5 / iPhone 5 announcement in the upcoming weeks.

If you’re looking for it, and have access to a developer account, you can download it from the developer portal.

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