Apple Ramps Up Testing Of iOS 7 Web Traffic Shows

As WWDC and the unveiling of Apple’s iOS 7 draw closer, it is likely that Apple is ramping up testing of its upcoming OS to ensure that it is ready to be shown off to developers and the public. Several sites have now been getting a significant increase in traffic from devices running iOS 7, with these devices originating from Apple’s set of IPs.

Apple news site MacRumors and mobile site creator Onswipe both reported seeing massive spikes in iOS 7 usage from users visiting their sites. Onswipe claims that on May 2, 23% of all iOS visitors to its sites were running iOS 7, with the majority of these visitors being from Cupertino or San Francisco. It reports that this is the largest amount of iOS 7 traffic its sites have ever gotten. Out of that 23%, 3/4 of users were using iPhones, while the other 1/4 were on iPads.

Popular pages that were visited by iOS 7 users included things such as news about Apple’s stock and information regarding Kid Cudi’s next album.

For us simple folk who don’t work for Apple, we’ll have to wait until June’s WWDC to see all the cool new features that these testers are using right now.

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