Apple Promotes Tax Breaks For Qualifying Products In Some States

Ten states in the U.S. will soon offer tax breaks on qualifying Apple products. Apple has published a page on its website informing consumers of the offer and telling people how and when they can save money when buying certain Apple devices.

The page explains how you can take advantage of the of tax holiday period and lists the states that are participating in the offer. The ten states, and their tax holiday periods, include:

Alabama – August 2-4
Florida – August 2-4
Georgia – August 8-9
Louisianan – August 2-4
Massachusetts – August 10-11
Missouri – August 2-4
Mexico – August 2-4
North Carolina – August 2-4
South Carolina – August 2-4
Tennessee – August 2-5

Each state differs in its cost thresholds, which determines whether an item qualifies for the tax break. For example, in Alabama the total sale price for all exempt items cannot exceed $750, while Georgia’s limit is $1,000 and Louisiana’s is $2,500.

There are also limits on what types of items can qualify, which can also differ from state to state. In New Mexico, the limit price for tax exempt computers is $1,000, while accessories can’t sell for more than $500. South Carolina, meanwhile, has no limit on the total purchase, but computer, software, and accessory purchases must be for personal use.

Even if you live in a state that isn’t participating in the tax breaks, you can still take advantage of the offer by going for a little road trip to the closest state that does.

You can get more information on Apple’s website.

Image Credit: Tyler Hawkins

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