Apple Planning New Features For iMessage And FaceTime

Apple is looking to add new features to FaceTime and iMessage and you could be the one to help. The company has posted a new job opening on their website for a position as an “iOS Communications Application Engineer”, with part of the job description being to help bring new features to FaceTime and iMessage.

“Please join us in taking the revolutionary iPhone to the next level,” the description opens with. Apple is seeking someone who has at least a year of engineering experience as well as a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar field. “You will be responsible for implementing new features to our existing FaceTime and iMessage applications as well as developing complex applications from top to bottom.”

FaceTime is certainly an app that could use some updating from Apple. While the app is competent at what it sets out to do, the lack of features like group calling make it a much inferior product to competing apps likes Skype.

New features being added to iMessage is a much more exciting prospect, as it is an app most people use daily, if not hourly.

We should see a number of improvements to these apps as well as other iPhone apps when Apple (presumably) unveils iOS 7 this June at its WWDC conference.

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