Apple now owns 200 Freescale Semiconductor Inc. patents

According to sources, Apple has purchased 200 patents from Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. While that may not be all that noteworthy, Freescale Secmiconductor, Inc. originally belonged to Motorola.

According to Patent-O, the records currently indicate that Apple has received an “assignment of assignors interest.” What that means, in short, is that it’s not currently clear if Apple purchased the titles fully, or if they obtained them through some other transaction at this point.

I’m not a patent lawyer in any capacity, or an engineer, but what it looks like is that Apple just gained access to quite a few cellular related patents, including: 7 929 636, 7 912 083, and 7 702 029.

From what I could tell, Apple still hasn’t been able to gain access to the patents for the Death Star. Android can sleep safe for another night.

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