Apple Officially Appeals Its Infamous ‘Ebook’ Case

If you followed the long running case that involved Apple, ebooks, and the term “antitrust”, you’ll now have some more developments to keep up with.

Apple has officially appealed its guilty verdict in the 2013 trial which found the company responsible for colluding with book publishers to lower ebook prices across the market. The company was originally found guilty by U.S. Judge Denise Cote back in July.

Since then, Apple has had court ordered compliance monitor Michael Bromwich look after it to make sure that the company is following procedure and adhering to the penalties laid out from the case. Apple doesn’t care too much for this guy.

In fact, Apple has asked once again if Bromwich could be relieved from his position until a decision can be made in this appeal, one that could likely take some time.

It’s like watching the revival of a canceled TV show. A rather dull legal drama, the topic of which is ebooks.

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