Apple Officially Appeals E-Book Price Fixing Case

One of Apple’s biggest legal battles in recent history was certainly its e-book price fixing scandal, which recently found the company guilty of colluding with book publishers to set a new pricing standard. As expected, Apple has now gone and officially appealed the court’s decision, in an attempt to have the ruling reversed.

Along with the ruling, Apple was given a number of restrictions the company must follow:

“Apple must now stagger its companies’ contract negotiations with book publishers by at least six months time, ensuring that it doesn’t sign multiple contracts all at once like it had done in the past. Apple is also no longer allowed to enter MFN (Most Favored Nation) agreements with publishers of any kind for the next five years. These contracts ensured that no other seller would be able to price their books lower than Apple.”

Apple, however, is less than inclined to take these penalties and still thinks it can have them reversed in court. The company doesn’t have to file its full appeal until 2014, so expect this already dragged on case to continue to drag.

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