Apple to begin offering in-store pickup of online orders

It appears that Apple is prepping a new program that will allow customers ordering online to pick up their order at local Apple Retail Stores. Nicknamed “Sherwood”, the program will include every product that is sold online, including third party accessories and engraved products.

Apple plans to allow users to select their closest retail location for pickup of most standard products the same day, with customized and non-stock items taking an extra couple days. This program seems to mirror Best Buy’s in store pickup program pretty closely, with customers required to show proof of purchase and an ID to pick up their wares. The one big difference, though, is the allowance of an additional person to be added to the order who can pick up the purchase. This offers a new way to gift items to people without the usual awkward early home delivery conundrum.

The program is set to roll out to a test market initially, with plans to expand it across the entire chain pending results of the initial pilot.

Source: MacRumors 

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