Apple now worth half a trillion dollars as AAPL hits $545.20 per share

Apple is now worth half a trillion dollars. Not half a million, or half a billion, but half a trillion dollars. As Apple (AAPL) stocks continue to rise, hitting the $545.20 mark at the time of this writing, the company continues its unparalleled dominance of the stock market. What’s scary is that the $545.20 stock price isn’t all that impressive, considering Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray believes that the price will hit $670 in the coming year.

Remember when Apple stock was worth $30.00? More importantly, remember when Michael Dell told Apple to close its doors and give the money back to the stockholders? Yeah. Good times. By the way, for those keeping score, Dell stock (DELL) is now valued at a whooping $17.56.

What does 500 billion dollars mean in tangible things?

It’s the entire GDP of Egypt, it’s enough to buy all the professional sports teams in the world, or even purchase a billion iPads.

That’s a lot of moolah.

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