Apple Now The Most Valuable Publicly Traded Stock Ever

There’s rich, then there’s Apple rich. As of this writing, Apple is now the most valuable publicly traded stock of all time, surpassing the previous record of $618.89 billion market cap set by Microsoft back on December 30, 1999. Today, Apple’s new market cap record sits at a nifty $618.94 billion dollars.

With Apple getting set to announce a slew of new products in the upcoming months (rumors include a next generation iPhone, iPad mini, new iPods, and even a television), there’s a good chance that the stock will continue to grow through October.

Earlier today there were estimates floating around the analyst circles that suggested that the next generation iPhone could see as many as 250 million units sold over the course of its life.

Looks like Apple’s back to setting stock records on a daily basis again.

Source: Wall St. Journal

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