Apple Now Requires Your Apple ID When You Make A Genius Bar Appointment

If you’ve ever had to make an appointment with a Genius at your local Apple Store, you probably found that the process to do so was incredibly easy and quick. Apple is now adding a minor authentication method now, which will force customers to sign-in with their Apple ID before booking an appointment.

The new required step has likely been implemented to address the issues that previously existed with booking times online. Previously, users weren’t required to put in any real information about themselves. Users could simply book several appointments using fake names and get away with it completely. In China, this has been happening to such an extent that real customers are finding it impossible to book times as they have all been claimed by online scammers and trolls. In China, people have been going as far as to book up all the appointment times before then scalping them back to legitimate troubled customers.

Hopefully this authentication system should clean up this mess a bit and have more legitimate customers be able to make appointments.

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