Apple Turns Store Logos Red In Honor Of World Aids Day

If you visited an Apple Store yesterday, you might have noticed that the store’s glowing Apple logo was looking a bit redder than usual.

Yesterday Apple helped changed the logo on a number of its stores from white to red in effort to help create awareness for World AIDS Day, making this the second year in a row Apple has reddened its logo on December 1st to honor the event.

When it’s not December 1st, Apple still supports the cause through the sale of its PRODUCT (RED) items, where a portion of the proceeds from these sales goes towards the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

Apple also recently contributed some one-of-a-kind (RED) items to a charity auction, including a (RED) Mac Pro that sold for just under a $1 million and a RED desk that went for $1,685,000.

Tim Cook used Twitter to announce the move and to show off the updated logo.

If you’re considering the purchase of an Apple product this holiday season and want to help support the fight against AIDS, check to see if it comes in a (RED) version.

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