Apple Logo Gets Stolen By Italian Fruit Company

Apple’s half-bitten apple is one of the world’s most iconic and recognizable logos. This is why you would never expect someone to copy their exact logo and then pass it off as their own, right?

“Wrong!” says Italian fruit company Leofrutta. The Sicily based fruit company seems to have chosen to save some time in coming up with its own logo and instead it’s gone and chosen one that already exists. No need to edit the logo in anyway either, they’ve simply stuck the exact same existing Apple logo onto the company’s products. Even its website and trucks are splattered with the symbol.

It seems to me as though this fruit company is simply rotten to the core. I’ve also found that for a fruit company, they are quite bad at “picking” logos. I bet that the Leofrutta employees are wishing the saying went, “Stealing an Apple logo a day keeps the lawyers away.”

Sorry about that. But seriously, the lawyers are on their way.

Image Credit: Macity

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