Apple launches iAd Gallery app to showcase iAds

Apple has today launched a new App called iAd Gallery, showcasing the best advertisements available on the iAd network. The app is essentially a shop window, allowing would-be advertisers to see the power of the iAd, with the aim of generating more business for the fledgling iAd division.

Features of the iAd Gallery, as listed by Apple are as follows:

• Updated regularly to include a selection of the latest ads running on the iAd Network

• Explore by spinning the wheel of iAd banners, or search by advertiser, category or ad feature

• Learn about the featured ads, including the advertising agencies behind them

• Easily access your favorite ads anytime by placing them in your Loved section

• Tap into the More section to find additional details about the iAd Network

It seems that Apple’s initial expectations for iAds aren’t being met, and Apple is making quick changes to try to drum up some extra business, including dropping the minimum price of an iAd to a mere $500,000. I do wonder if someone over at Apple is keeping Toyota in the loop here, especially considering that Apple doesn’t want Toyota to advertise through other avenues.

We are sure to see some momentum build around the iAd platform in the coming months, with more and more advertisers jumping on board. I don’t care much for advertising, but if it’s going to be done, it may as well be done in the most imaginative ways possible — just as long as it doesn’t become too intrusive.

Article Via MacStories

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