Apple is working on an e-ticketing system

Having a mobile device that’s as widely adopted as an iPhone gives a company some wiggle room for introducing innovative concepts that would otherwise be difficult to implement. For instance, widespread adoption of a device that would let you digitally carry coupons, subway tokens, concert tickets, and parking passes would not be be easily pushed on consumers. People don’t want to carry more gadgets, so having one gadget that lets you do all the aforementioned tasks would be highly lucrative.

In order to get other companies to get involved and start integrating a third parties system into their products, their would already have to be widespread adoption of the device. Enter the iPhone/Touch/iPod.

Who doesn’t have one of these devices? Apple’s market share in mobile media players is pretty huge, so implementing a device that lets you care your tickets and coupons digitally would be a logical next step for the company.

Patents have been filed, and a concept application has been created.
Who knows, you may be able to purchase concert tickets through iTunes in the near future.

Via Patently Apple

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