Apple hire to turn phone into payment system?

If you hire a guy who’s worked on both the mobile Paypal app and the Starbucks mobile payment app, chances are people will start to draw some serious conclusions about your intentions. Apple’s hired Benjamin Vigier as the product manager for mobile commerce. A giant red flag has been waved, and people are noticing that title.

Apple’s had a whole series of patent filings over the last year that have suggested that this time would come sooner than later, but up until now, Apple’s been quiet on making these things a reality.

Just what have they been working on?

In April they patented Concert Ticket +. That would allow people to purchase concert tickets directly through iTunes. In April, they also patented iTravel, which came with a great deal of controversy recently.  Ultimately, the goal of the application was to let you make flight reservations, etc.  Recently, the app was expanded to include other travel based services, and included a stolen sketch from another popular iPhone app.

What do you think?  Is the mobile device as a payment gateway something you’d be willing to use over a credit card or debit card?  I’d certainly try it out.

Article Via Loop Insight

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