Apple and Guitar Center getting ready to teach musicians how to record music

Word on the street is that Apple’s looking to get more independent musicians onto GarageBand so that they can record their music from the luxury of their own homes instead of saving up thousands of dollars to get some studio time for a demo.

According to a new report from AppleInsider, Apple will be partnering up with Guitar Center to put on GarageBand workshops. This is a great move, but locations for the workshop seem extremely limited at this point, and seating is at an even bigger premium. Rumor has it that some locations have already sold out. If you have a Guitar Center in your city, you can get in on the action every Saturday from 10am – 11am. Guitar Center has 216 stores across the US.

A lot of people harp on GarageBand for being a mediocre consumer level tool, but I have to say, I know a bunch of people who rely on it for quick audio cuts and podcasts. It’s no Pro Tools, but it certainly gets the job done for a lot of people. Heck, if it wasn’t for GarageBand, there probably wouldn’t be some many great audio podcasts kicking around these days.

The first step to accomplishing a good recording session is knowing how the tools work, and that’s the aim of these workshops. The first class from Guitar Center will focus on signal flow and microphone techniques, both things most people can use some instruction on these days, podcasters included. Future classes will focus on virtual instruments, loops, effects and mixing, as well as publishing.

Put it this way, if there was a Guitar Center in my home town, I’d be front and center.

Article Via AppleInsider

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