Apple Granted A Break From ‘Biased’ Compliance Monitor As Company Awaits Appeal Trial

If you’ve been following along with the story of Apple and the company’s court appointed compliance monitor Michael Bromwich, you’ll know that Apple isn’t the man’s biggest fan.

That means good news for Apple, as the company has now been granted an “administrative stay” from Bromwich. This means that Bromwich won’t be working with Apple until a three judge panel hears out Apple’s appeal request to have Bromwich removed, following Judge Denise Cote’s initial ruling that Bromwich didn’t appear to be doing anything wrong.

It’s still unknown when exactly the upcoming hearing will take place.

Apple criticized Bromwich for what the company called demonstrations of “bias” as well as “unprecedented” legal fees. Bromwich was originally appointed by Judge Cote following the verdict of Apple’s infamous ebook trial.

Hopefully this just doesn’t get dragged out as long as the ebook trial itself.

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