Apple wants to give you a 60 second preview in iTunes

We’ve all clicked numerous times on iTunes songs hoping for a quick preview here or there, but has anyone really ever completed a purchase based on a preview? Would sixty seconds instead of thirty seconds really make all that much of a difference to music purchasers? Apple seems to think so, according to CNET, and they expect that music previews will see an increase at Wednesday’s event. Sixty seconds is the new thirty seconds.

You know how you can tell when an Apple event is on the horizon? We hear all kinds of news like this, instead of legitimate news. Everyone’s trying to take a grab at readership this week, and we’re bound to hear the most ridiculous crap leading up to the event. Is it any wonder that Apple takes a swipe at bloggers every single time that the Gizmodo debacle comes up in public or in the press when this kind of stuff dominates the news all week long?

I have a very difficult time seeing this as an announcement worthy of the stage, and if by some chance it does make an appearance in a keynote, it’ll probably be an aside.

I know what you’re thinking. Why are we covering it if we think it’s bunk. Well, we just wanted to point it out and show you guys what you can expect in the next twenty-four hours. We also wanted to make sure you’ve got your B.S. Goggles charged and ready to use, because the Interent’s going to be full of it between now and Wednesday.

But now that we’re on the topic, do you think that Apple’s going to sell more music with a sixty second preview? I don’t. Tell me how I’m wrong in the comments.

Article via CNET

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