Apple gearing up for back to school promotion already

With college kids out of school for less than two weeks, and both high school and middle school student still plugging away and preparing for finals, Apple has allegedly decide that their annual Back to School promotion needs to start pronto.

Come on!

We get that most students love these promotions because they usually walk away with a free iPod touch, but do we really need back to school promotions creeping into the spring, before most kids are even out of school? It seems like this promotion gets earlier and earlier every year.

I probably sound like an old man, don’t I.

Normally these promotions are a way of clearing out stock for new iOS products, but rumors this year have the iPhone 5 (4S) shipping in the fall. It’s being reported that the promotion will likely roll out some time next week, before any announcements of the next iPhone or iPod touch are officially made.

Have you taken advantage of the back to school promotion? Does getting a free iPod touch get you into the store and purchasing a new machine, or upgrading an old one? It’s certainly a sweet deal if you’re in the market for a new computer.

Article Via TUAW

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