Apple seems to be doing just fine in the enterprise market

A lot of people have complained about Apple’s commitment to the enterprise for a very, very long time. It didn’t help that Apple officially discontinued all of their enterprise level servers, concluding with the elimination of the Xserve this year. You would think, based on that news, that sales of Macs in the enterprise would be falling, but in reality it’s up, up, up.

Sales in the enterprise have increased 66 percent in the last fiscal quarter. The amazing thing is that the rest of the industry only grew 4.5 percent in the enterprise market over the same period of time, according to analyst Charlie Wolf with Needham & Company.

Another point of interest is the fact that Mac shipments grew far slower in the medium business sector compared to the large, very large, and small business sectors.

As you can see in the graph above, Apple has certainly made some insanely large inroads in the government and very large business sectors.  They’ve also outgrown the market in every major enterprise level this quarter. Pretty insane for a company that was written off in the enterprise when they decided to discontinue those Xserves.

Article Via AppleInsider

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