Apple finally gets a grasp on iPad 2 demand

Shipping times for iPad from Apple’s website have slipped down to 1-3 days, cutting the wait times in half from when they hit 3-5 days on July 8th. Previously, you could expect to wait 1-2 weeks.

It’s not uncommon for an Apple product to launch with slightly extended shipping times as they attempt to meet demand. Apple’s second iPad was no different, though the length of time it’s taken for these numbers to level out has been quite extensive.

Many criticize Apple for their lack of accurate forecasting, and being unprepared to meet demands when launching products like the iPad and iPhone. Some go as far as to even suggest purposeful choking of supply to give the illusion of higher demand, thus fueling more interest.

Personally I think it’s just Apple’s goal to get their technology on the streets faster than anyone else can. The first to market typically slaughters its competition, and Apple isn’t going to let units sit in warehouses until they build up enough stock to have no wait time, and iPad 2 demand is just a product of being unwilling to let a competitor beat you to the market.

If you haven’t secured your own yet because you couldn’t bare to wait that long after ordering, hop on over to the Apple Store.

Source: Fortune

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