Apple Denies Having Helped NSA Spy On iPhone Users

A couple of days ago we told you about DROUPOUTJEEP, a newly revealed secret NSA program dating back to 2008 that allowed the NSA complete access to a person’s iPhone.

Apple has since denied that it had anything to do with helping the NSA create the software, providing TechCrunch with this official statement:

Apple has never worked with the NSA to create a backdoor in any of our products, including iPhone. Additionally, we have been unaware of this alleged NSA program targeting our products. We care deeply about our customers’ privacy and security. Our team is continuously working to make our products even more secure, and we make it easy for customers to keep their software up to date with the latest advancements. Whenever we hear about attempts to undermine Apple’s industry-leading security, we thoroughly investigate and take appropriate steps to protect our customers. We will continue to use our resources to stay ahead of malicious hackers and defend our customers from security attacks, regardless of who’s behind them.

Apple clearly tries to position itself against the NSA in that last line, clumping them together into the same group as “malicious hackers”. Apple is one of several tech companies that have been vocal against several government spying programs/policies.

Don’t expect this to be the last time we hear about this whole mess.

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