Apple could be the first company to be worth $1 trillion dollars


There are stocks that are worth buying, and then there are stocks that you absolutely have to own. I’m not a stock broker, or advisor in any capacity, but even I realize that Apple stock is a must own.

I don’t own any, conflict of interest and all, but given the rate of growth a lot of people might be cashing in very large in the next couple of years.

According to a USAToday article, Apple could theoretically hit the $1 Trillion dollar market value in as little as 3 years. How did the USAToday article get to those numbers?

Let’s first take a look at how fast the stock has risen the past five years. Apple stock rose 18% in 2006, 133% in 2007, it fell 56% in 2008, but then added 147% in 09 and 53% in 2010,” Krantz reports. “Taking the geometric mean, we get a rough average increase of 59% a year.

By taking that 59% and applying it to Apple’s 921.3 million outstanding shares, and Apple’s market value of $310 billion, Apple would hit the $1 trillion mark in three years. No matter how theoretical that math might be, the results are pretty insane.

Hey Zuckerberg, you know what’s cooler than $1 billion dollars? $1 trillion dollars.

Note: If you didn’t read the title in your best Dr. Evil voic,e go back and try it again — it just works better that way.

Article Via USAToday

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