Apple Celebrates The Mac’s 30th Birthday On Its Website

30 years ago, in 1984, Apple released the original Macintosh. In honor of the big 3-0, the company has chosen to celebrate the device’s birthday in a number of ways.

Firstly, Apple has updated its website’s homepage to wish the computer a happy birthday and to take a look at the 30 years of innovation that has taken place in the Mac product line. The company created a short video in celebration, and it also made a very detailed timeline that looks into innovations that have taken place for every year and model the Mac has gone through.

This isn’t your typical simple tribute, as Apple’s Mac timeline offers a surprisingly vast amount of information and high quality photos of the Mac lineup over the years. Most interestingly, users can see graphs that show the most popular uses for each Mac device going back to 1984, based off user submitted information.

The site encourages users to submit information regarding “Your First Mac“, to help contribute to those interesting timeline graphs. Users can select from Apple’s massive lineup of Mac models, going from the original 1984 Macintosh to the 2014 Mac Pro. They’re then asked what country they purchased their Mac in, and what their primary uses for that computer were.

The site’s certainly worth checking out if you’re an Apple fan or if you want to learn more about the Mac. Check it all out here.

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