Apple buys up former HP campus for $300 millionish

Word is out: Apple’s takeover of the old HP campus is complete. HP, all your base are belong to Apple. Apple Inc. has allegedly ponied up 300 millionish dollars to acquire the 98-acre lot. The old HP campus is double the size of Apple’s current lot.

The Cupertino mayor seems pretty pumped about the purchase: “we’re very proud to have Apple’s headquarters in our city. It’s not just a company. It’s the company.”

Neither Apple, nor HP have commented on the price that they settled on for the purchase, but experts have pegged its value around the $300 million mark. No one knows what Apple plans on doing with the new space they’ve acquired, but they now own quite a large chunk of land in Cupertino.

What do you think? What would you put in the space?

Article Via Mercury News

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