Apple branded television rumors just will not die

When it comes to rumors that refuse to die, the Apple branded television set probably takes the crown. The iPhone was rumored for years before it actually began shipping, and the Apple television is no different. Analysts and insiders have been saying that Apple’s working on taking the television industry by storm by releasing a brand new television.

Today, another rumor has reared its head — a Ticonderoga Securities analyst believes he’s found proof that Apple’s working on a television. Forbes has questioned the findings, indicating that White never disclosed exactly what he stumbled upon while on a trip in Asia.

While the Apple TV currently fulfills the needs of most iOS and Apple fans, there’s certainly a lot more that can be done with a fancy new smart television. But, that doesn’t exactly mean that Apple’s on the verge of pumping out 40-inch televisions any time soon.

Steve Jobs himself stood on stage during the announcement for the latest Apple TV and stated that Apple’s findings have indicated that people don’t want a computer in their living room. If we were playing the semantic game, we’d point out that he never said anything about a computer in the television.

We’re probably a long way off from seeing an actual Apple television, but you can bet that if Apple’s actually planning on taking on a new market, they’re going to do it with flash.

If anything, the new MLB and NBA additions to the Apple TV could be a tell about where we’re heading in this industry. Live television broadcasting is a problem for anyone relying on the internet for their television feeds, but if Apple can crack that, a lot of people may be ready to leave behind their satellite and cable providers.

If Apple managed to get the NHL network onto the Apple TV, I’d cancel my cable tomorrow. Thinking about that for a second, it seems like Apple’s making moves to put the power back into the hands of the content producers by letting them directly sell their content to consumers instead of major television carriers.

If you could pay Fox, NBC, CBS, and Showtime directly for their shows instead of a Comcast, would you? I know I certainly would. Cable packages are almost as bad as cellphone plans these days—paying a premium for sub-standard garbage.

Article Via Forbes

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