Apple Blacklisted By China Consumer Association For Unfair Repair Policies

Chinese consumer watchdog organization, China Consumer Association (CCA), has placed Apple on its “company integrity” blacklist because of Apple’s after-sales service. The purpose of the watchdog organization is to provide a place where consumers can go to complain about a product if they aren’t receiving the help they want from the company that made the product.

The CCA, which researches and monitors company and consumer policies that affect Chinese customers, has released a report detailing an investigation into the support structure and policies of Apple. The report looked closely at a number of complaints made in early 2012. One such complaint was from a customer named Wang who needed his iPhone 4 repaired. It was within the official warranty period so Apple replaced the parts but refused to renew the warranty. In refusing to renew the warranty, Wang would be unable to repair his phone under warranty a second time.

According to the CCA, Apple’s policies are unfair and while the giant tech company has made some policy changes to alleviate customer dissatisfaction, it hasn’t been enough.

Apple’s repair policies have also been dubbed unfair by the CCA. According to China’s National Business Daily, Apple’s repair policies reportedly states that Apple can use old or spare parts to repair dysfunctional devices so long as they pass inspections. As a result, people have become suspicious of the company’s policies and practices.

The CCA points out that Apple’s current policies may potentially interfere with Chinese consumer rights and protection laws. Complaints have also ben made against Apple for product damage that occurs in transit, which Apple does not take responsibility for at this point.

Source: ZDNet via SlashGear
Image Credit: M.I.C. Gadget

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