Apple may not be all-in in the enterprise, but they’re certainly huge in health care

The debate has been raging for years — does Apple want to be in the enterprise market, or are they trying to stick to consumer markets? There’s evidence for both sides of the argument, but when it comes to adoption rates, Apple has little control over who’s actually purchasing their products en masse. According to a new study, U.S. physicians are a huge market for Apple Inc. The Taking the Pulse U.S. v11.0 study has revealed that 75 percent of physicians own some form of Apple device, including iPhones, iPads, iPods, or computers.

That’s pretty large. Considering the emphasis Apple is placing on the iPad in the medical community, it’s likely that Apple realizes that they have a huge market in the health care community.

In my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the Ottawa Hospital has just purchased a staggering 1800 iPads for their facility. The hospital has even gone as far as creating a brand new record access system for the iPad that will put information in front of doctors at a previously un-imaginable pace. “Smartphone penetration among physicians exceeded Manhattan Research analysts’ previous forecasts to reach 81% this year.”  iOS devices are proliferating in the medical community at a staggering rate.

When the people saving lives are moving to Apple products, we have to take a moment and notice the huge potential this has for not only Apple on a whole, but also the health care community.

The future of health care is just around the corner, and no matter how it plays out, if more iOS devices mean better health care on the whole, it would be hard to imagine someone complaining about that.

Article Via MacDailyNews

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