Apple allegedly compensates those hurt in Beijing mayhem

When was the last time you entered an Apple Store and didn’t see a security guard roaming around the store? Things get pretty hectic outside of Apple Stores prior to big releases, so it’s no surprise that an unruly bunch of idiots outside of a Beijing store got out of hand. Frankly, it was only a matter of time before some idiot started problems once they found out that they couldn’t get their hands on the latest iDevice.

Reports circulated earlier this week that Apple Store employees had to close the doors at the Apple Store in Beijing because some customers were getting out of hand. Long story short, some folks started skipping in line, then when things got really out of hand, started to break the glass store front of the Beijing store.

I know the iPad 2 and white iPhone 4 are cool and all, but come on!

It turns out that some people were seriously hurt during the stupidity, with four people being hospitalized, one of who is claiming that he received compensation from Apple for the problem. According to the Global Times, Ding Wencheng was offered $3,000 as a settlement. He took it. But, Apple spokesperson Carolyn Wu refused to comment on the settlement. So, we’re not sure if there actually was compensation, or if this is just a rumor circulating the internet at this point.

That being said, I wouldn’t exactly put Apple on the hook for compensation either. Just because some jackasses were acting like jackasses outside the Beijing store, it doesn’t mean Apple’s responsible for the jackasses behaviour. If anything, said jackass should be responsible for fixing the damage, paying the hospital bills of those hurt, and buying everyone in line an iPad 2.

Article Via The Next Web

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