Apple adds a “Compare Macs” section to their site overnight

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Late last night the Apple store went down and came back up. Most people thought that it was just a little system maintenance, as nothing new seemed to appear on the site. But, the guys over at Loop Insight noticed something the rest of us didn’t. Apple’s added a section to the store that lets you compare the different Macs.

Thank goodness. We get a lot of questions about which Mac people should buy from friends, family, and readers, and now Apple’s provided an easy way to answer their questions. It’ll be a lot simpler to point people to this comparison chart than it would be to explain in detail why someone should buy the Mac Mini or the Mac Pro.

The first thing that pops up when you click on the Compare Macs button is the opening of a modal window that lets you lineup all the machines you want to compare. Once done, click the X in the top left corner, and you’ll be taken to the comparison page. From there you’ll be met with comparative information on hardware, software, technical specifications, and environmental impact.

Article Via Loop Insight

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