How can Apple take its $328 billion company to $428 billion? Apple Television

It’s been long rumored that Apple is working on an iOS based television set. Analysts are reporting that if done correctly, there is $100 billion up for grabs.

An “Apple Television” would lend itself nicely to its digital content showing, but can they differentiate it enough from the market, and really give us something magical?

UBS analyst Maynard Um is convinced that if Apple can perform magic one more time, they stand to gain an incremental $50 to $100 billion in market cap. This device, however, will need to really set itself apart from the competition.

Apple’s commitment to the iTunes brand and its head first approach to digital content is just the boat to get it there. The goal will need to be going 100% cable-television free if this is going to work. A state where all of the content delivered comes via the Internet. Only time will tell if, as a civilization, we are ready for the transition.

Apple has shown success in delivering content to the living room with Apple TV, so a dedicated set should be the next rung in the evolutionary ladder.

Source: All Things D

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